GloFit Freedom Workout Gloves

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  • Brand Name: KANSOON
  • [Enhanced Protective]: One piece with hollow out back design perforated micro fiber with perfect breathability and freedom during the workout.
  • [Anti-Slip Stability]: Workout gloves with a cushioned pad with silica anti-slip points, increase the friction and provide reliable stability in extensive movement.
  • [Durability]: Double layer palm design with foam and micro, feature anti-friction construction, enhance comfort, increase durability, and protect your hands from training abrasion.
  • [Humanize Design]: Soft towel constructe the back of thumb design for wipe the sweat quickly. Hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit. Short, curved finger design for easy on and off. 4 colors and 3 size for choose, design both for women and men.
  • [Entended Warranty]: Extended 24-Month Warranty. Upgrade to our Lifetime Warranty by following us on social media @GLoFitUSA
  •  Product Identifier (UPC, SKU)
    Color Size SKU Number UPC Code
    Aqua Small FG-AQUA-SMAL  850003780795
    Aqua Medium FG-AQUA-MEDI  850003780801
    Aqua Large FG-AQUA-LARG  850003780818
    Yellow X-Small FG-YELL-XSMAL 850003780863
    Yellow Small FG-YELL-SMAL  X0023H8R3L
    Yellow Medium FG-YELL-MEDI  X0023ENA3V
    Yellow Large FG-YELL-LARG  X0023H9QOP
    Black X-Small FG-BLAC-XSMAL 850003780856
    Black Small FG-BLAC-SMAL  X0023H8R3B
    Black Medium FG-BLAC-MEDI  X0022063LH
    Black Large FG-BLAC-LARG  X0023FJ9MB
    Black X-Large FG-BLAC-XLARG 850003780788
    Grey X-Small FG-GREY-XSMAL 850003780849
    Grey Small FG-GREY-SMAL  X0023GH8FF
    Grey Medium FG-GREY-MEDI  X0023HAQMB
    Grey Large FG-GREY-LARG  X0023GGJ5F
    Grey X-Large FG-GREY-XLARG 850003780771
    Pink X-Small FG-PINK-XSMAL 850003780047
    Pink Small FG-PINK-SMAL 850003780054
    Pink Medium FG-PINK-MEDI 850003780061
    Pink Large FG-PINK-LARG 850003780078